Accused Gas Passer Now Free As The Wind

Cops: Woman pulled knife after man's fart beef

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Farter Free

SEPTEMBER 1--The Florida Woman charged with threatening a man with a knife after he castigated her for “farting loudly” in the checkout line of a convenience store is now as free as the wind.

After years of legal wrangling, prosecutors this week dropped a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge against Shanetta Wilson, a 40-year-old Broward County resident.

The prosecution’s move to abandon the case against Wilson came after a Circuit Court judge last month granted a defense motion to bar John Walker, the alleged victim, from testifying at trial, which was scheduled for August 30.

Despite being subpoenaed, Walker, 58, has repeatedly refused to participate in pretrial depositions, according to court filings. This recalcitrance resulted in the judicial order striking him from testifying as the government’s chief witness/victim.

Wilson, seen above, was arrested in November 2018 following a confrontation with Walker at a Dollar General store near her Dania Beach residence.

According to a complaint affidavit, Wilson and Walker “had a verbal dispute in reference to [Wilson] farting loudly.” During the argument, Wilson allegedly removed a small knife from her purse, opened the weapon, and told Walker she “was going to ‘gut’ him.”

Walker told cops that he feared being stabbed by Wilson when she “pulled back her right hand with the knife as if she was going to attack.”

Wilson, a mother of four, was subsequently arrested after Walker identified her to police. Wilson, who pleaded not guilty to the assault charge, has a rap sheet that includes convictions for battery; theft; marijuana possession; violating probation; and possession of cocaine with intent to sell. (3 pages)