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Ex-Con Busted For New Year's Day Dildo Battery

Girlfriend told beau he had a "limp dick"

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Limp Battery

JANUARY 2--After being derided as a “limp dick” in need of Viagra, an ex-con retrieved “a pink dildo” from a bedroom shelf and battered his girlfriend with the sex toy, according to cops who yesterday arrested the alleged assailant.

Investigators charge that Steven Nurdin, 38, attacked the woman during a 1:20 AM confrontation Monday at a residence in Pinellas County, Florida.

Nurdin and the victim, a court complaint states, were arguing about their relationship when Nurdin became upset upon being told that he needed an erectile dysfunction medication to address his sexual shortcomings.

Nurdin (seen at right) allegedly then took the dildo and shoved it into the 37-year-old victim’s mouth. The woman also told police that Nurdin punched her in the left eye “while she tried to push him off.”

After being read his rights, Nurdin claimed not to remember using the dildo as a weapon, but recalled that “the victim had punched him in the right eye during the altercation.”

Arrested for "domestic battery (dating violence)," Nurdin was booked into the county jail on the first-degree misdemeanor count. He is being held in lieu of $2500 bond.

A judge has barred Nurdin from having any contact with the woman he is alleged to have battered. Additionally, if he secures his release on bond, Nurdin will be fitted with a continuous alcohol monitoring device.

No weapon was seized by investigators.

Nurdin, who has an extensive rap sheet, was released from state prison four months ago after serving more than 13 years for armed robbery, aggravated assault, and felonious possession of firearms. (1 page)