Retiree Busted For Singing Nasty Ditty

Cops: Neighbor targeted in song about "bitch"

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Crooner Cuffed

APRIL 16--A retiree was arrested after serenading a female neighbor with an original song that referred to her as a “bitch” and a “witch,” according to Florida court records.

Police say Robert Mirabella, 62, played guitar and sang his original composition last Saturday morning while on the front porch of a residence in Wildwood, a city that includes portions of The Villages, the sprawling retirement community.

According to an arrest report, the female victim told police that she was “having ongoing issues” with her next-door neighbors, whom she accused of harassment.

The woman said she was sitting on her front porch when Mirabella “started to play the guitar and sing on the front porch” of the neighboring home. The woman heard Mirabella croon, “There is a neighbor who was a bitch” and “I see her now, she’s just a witch.”

Upset by Mirabella’s lyrics, the woman “recorded the song with her cell phone” and called cops. An officer reported that the victim was “visibly upset” by Mirabella’s performance and that the song had affected her peace and quiet “a lot.”  

When questioned by the patrolman, Mirabella initially denied the woman’s allegation, but late stated, “That doesn’t mean it was about her if I sang that.” As Mirabella continued talking, the officer noted, “I verified the person singing in the video was Mirabella by his voice.”

Seen above, Mirabella was arrested for disorderly conduct. Mirabella, who listed his home address as a residence in Cranston, Rhode Island, has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor count. (2 pages)