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Plea Reached In Florida Cougar Attack

Woman, 64, cuts plea in grope, grind case

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Cougar Attack Plea

JULY 5--The 64-year-old woman arrested for groping and grinding on a younger man outside a restaurant in a Florida retirement community has cut a plea deal in connection with her unwanted sexual advances, according to court records.

Marrian Ann Zambrano pleaded no contest this week to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct and was ordered to pay $303 in court costs.

Seen at right, Zambrano was originally charged with misdemeanor battery for her interation last year with a worker at a seafood restaurant in The Villlages, the country’s largest retirement community.

As detailed in an arrest report, the victim told police that Zambrano, who appeared intoxicated, approached him outside of the R.J. Gator’s restaurant and “grabbed him by his ‘crotch’ and began touching him in that area.” The man told cops that it felt like Zambrano “was trying to lower his pants” during the 7:45 PM encounter.

Zambrano, the man said, was also “trying to dance on him, during which time she rubbed her breasts and body against his person.” Mid-grind, Zambrano asked the man “to come home with her,” police reported. The victim, who declined Zambrano’s invitation, said she also hugged him, kissed his neck, and whispered in his ear.

A pair of witnesses corroborated the man’s account, according to the arrest report, which notes that a surveillance camera recorded Zambrano “hugging the victim and apparently kissing his neck.” At the time, cops added, the man “did have his hands slightly up and did not touch” Zambrano. (2 pages)