Woman Accused Of Spying For Saddam

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Woman Accused Of Spying For Saddam

MARCH 11--A former Democratic congressional aide was arrested today on charges that she worked as an Iraqi spy.

Susan Lindauer, 41, has been charged with conspiring to work with the Iraqi Intelligence Service and engaging in prohibited financial transactions with Saddam Hussein's government, according to an indictment unsealed today by federal prosecutors in New York.

Lindauer, arrested this morning at her Maryland home, allegedly met with Iraqi agents during several visits to the country's U.N. mission, where she "accepted various payments" in return "for services provided to the IIS in the course of her ongoing intelligence relationship with them."

Lindauer, who also allegedly traveled to Iraq in early-2002 to meet with IIS agents, has previously worked as a press spokesperson for several elected officials, including former Senator Carol Moseley-Braun and congressmen Ron Wyden and Peter DeFazio. (14 pages)