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Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Ferris Wheel

Cops: Amusement park romp witnessed by minors

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Ferris Wheel Bust

AUGUST 17--A couple had sex inside a Ferris wheel cabin in full view of a quartet of young amusement park visitors, according to Ohio cops who busted the duo for public indecency.

Investigators allege that David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32, were “observed having sexual intercourse” around 8:30 PM Sunday while riding the Wonder Wheel at the Cedar Point park in Sandusky.

As detailed in a Sandusky Police Department report, four female witnesses who were riding in the cabin above Davis and Johnston recounted seeing the duo having sex. The witnesses--two juveniles and a pair of 18-year-olds--“all stated they saw the woman’s bare butt and the man’s penis,” cops reported.

In addition to observing Davis and Johnston undressed, the witnesses said, “they could feel the cart shaking and see both the male and the female moving back and forth.” One of the minors said she “saw the woman on her hands and knees and saw the man behind her.”

The witnesses said that Davis and Johnston knew that they were being watched and “started laughing and continued their behavior.” One of the juveniles told police she was “very shaken up about what she witnessed” and that “this was very traumatizing for her.”

When confronted by cops, Davis initially denied having sex on the Wonder Wheel, claiming that Johnston “might have ‘shaken her ass’ a little for him when she bent over and that was it.”

Davis and Johnston, police say, subsequently “did admit that they were engaged in sexual intercourse” on the amusement ride. Both said they did not know that the two of the witnesses were juveniles.

Seen above, Davis and Johnston were arrested for public indecency and booked into the Erie County jail (from which they were each later released on $3000 bond). Since two of the witnesses are minors, the charge “was enhanced to a Misdemeanor of the 1st degree.” (2 pages)