West Virginia Wanker In Burglary Bust

Man, 27, said he stole cameras in cover up

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W.V. Wanker

MAY 16--A West Virginia man told police that after breaking into his grandmother’s house to recharge his phone, he stole the home’s security system because he did not want the victim to see video of him masturbating inside her home, according to a criminal complaint.

Tristan Tucker, 27, was charged Thursday with the burglary of his relative’s home in St. Albans, a city 10 miles west of Charleston. He is being held in the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bond on the felony count.

Tucker, seen above, turned himself in after learning that police were seeking to question him about the April 23 incident. After waiving his Miranda rights, Tucker reportedly copped to breaking out a window to enter the home.

Tucker claimed that he “entered the home to charge his cell phone,” adding that, “while he was doing that, he started watching porn on the phone.” Masturbation followed, cops noted.

Since he did not want his grandmother to review surveillance video that showed him pleasuring himself in her home, Tucker said that he stole “the security cameras and the DVR box” and then stomped on the items before tossing them into a nearby river.

As it turned out, Tucker had not destroyed the DVR, but instead hid it in an out building on his grandmother’s property. The recording device, cops reported, contained footage of Tucker illegally entering the residence on multiple occasions. The complaint does not reveal, however, whether the videos showed Tucker engaged with himself. (3 pages)