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Vanderbilt 57, Notre Dame 37

South Bend student partying mug shot tally falls short of 'Dores mark

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Vanderbilt 57, Notre Dame 37

OCTOBER 1--Meet the Notre Dame 37. The students pictured in the mug shots on these pages were arrested late last month when Indiana police broke up a bash at an off-campus home in South Bend.

When the cops arrived, suspects scattered, with many attempting to hide inside the house (under beds, inside closets, and in the attic and basement). Officers eventually rounded up more than three dozen partiers, most of whom were charged with underage drinking (police found three empty kegs inside the home, along with 'hundreds of empty beer cans and drinking cups,' according to a police press release).

Several ND athletes, both male and female, were among those busted and briefly booked into the local jail.

The Notre Dame arrests came on the same weekend that 57 Vanderbilt University students were busted in connection with a raucous fraternity party at a Tennessee campground. (10 pages)