Two Spies, One Sly Guy

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Two Spies, One Sly Guy

Phony Janet Reno Letter

1) One of these days, TSG will finally get around to uploading/unveiling our extensive--and fairly entertaining--photo gallery. But until then, we'll occasionally post some of our favorite pix, like these 1950 FBI mug shots of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. In March 1951, the couple was convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage. They were executed two years later,in June 1953. (2 pages)

2) Perhaps jailbird Erwin Koti might consider trading in his PC for some of that industrial strength dental floss the next time he tries to spring himself from the joint. Because his phony Janet Reno letter ,created on a prison education department computer, didn't fool anyone, according to this federal indictment. For his misguided missive, Koti recently got an extra six months in the stir, where he was already doing a 2-year bit for bank fraud. (4 pages)