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Twin Billing

Sister arrestees kick off this week's mug shot collection

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JULY 10--The 18-year-old twins who kick off this week's mug shot roundup had their photos snapped minutes apart last weekend as they were booked into an Ohio jail to begin serving time on drug charges. As for the other suspects, a few notes: 1) The 20-year-old Georgia woman on page #5, who was arrested last Saturday for alleged shoplifting, proves that spending a national holiday behind bars doesn't mean you can't celebrate in style; 2) The teary Pennsylvania 'hitman' on page #8  was locked up earlier this week for trespassing and harassment, among other charges; 3) The 30-year-old California perp on page #11 should have at least 3.14159265... years added to any jail sentence just on principle for getting that neck tattoo. (14 pages)