Trysting Teachers Caught In Act

Florida students spotted pair getting busy in locked classroom

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Trysting Teachers Caught In Act

JUNE 8--Two Florida teachers have resigned after middle school students observed them having sex in a locked classroom. Officials learned of the trysting last month when students at Coleman Middle School, a Tampa public school, reported spotting teachers Frances Sepulveda, 30, and Bryant Wilburn, 29, getting busy. According to an investigative report prepared by Hillsborough County school officials (a copy of which you'll find below), one student said that he saw Sepulveda with 'her pants down, bouncing up and down, and Mr. Wilborn standing and sitting behind Ms. Sepluveda.' Though there was paper covering the usually unlocked door's window, students saw through a 'hole and a crack' in the paper. After initially denying to an investigator that they were having sex in school, Sepulveda, a foreign language teacher, and Wilburn, a gym instructor, admitted to the assignations. One of the young witnesses said that Sepulveda, pictured at right, pulled her out of her following class and told her to 'keep quiet and not to say what she saw.' The teachers resigned shortly after being confronted about the May 22 classroom incident. (3 pages)

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Well, at least they weren't having it off with underage students. Still, it was damn foolish for them not to do their thing off school property.