Man Facing Felony For Total Dick Move

Officer suffered "soft tissue" injury

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Total Dick Move

MARCH 10--“He’s got my dick! Spray him, spray him! He’s got my dick,” yelled Officer Steven Prudhom.

The Wisconsin cop was trying get an unruly suspect into the back of a Kenosha Police Department squad car around 2:30 AM Saturday when the man “grabbed Officer Prudhom’s pants, in the crotch area, with his hands, which were still handcuffed,” according to a criminal complaint.

In a flash, Prudhom felt defendant Jerry Watkins’s hand “crushing down on his penis.” Watkins, 30, then allegedly “tightened his grip which caused a very sharp and very intense pain.”

Watkins, cuffed behind his back, ignored the cop’s demands to release his penis, and was unmoved by Prudhom’s “arm strikes to the defendant’s face in an effort to get him to let go.”

It was then that Prudhom yelled for fellow officers to pepper spray Watkins, who police first encountered following a disturbance at a bar. Upon being sprayed, Watkins (seen above) finally let go of Prudhom’s penis.

The officer sought treatment at a hospital emergency room after “observing some discoloration to his penis.” Though a physician told Prudhom that he “did not observe any injury,” since there could be “unobservable injury,” the doctor suggested that the cop follow up with a specialist.

Watkins was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and causing “substantial bodily harm/soft tissue injury,” both felonies. He is also facing misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

Watkins, a Racine resident, is locked up in lieu of $2500 cash bond. Upon his release from custody, Watkins has been ordered by a judge to refrain from possessing or consuming alcohol or controlled substances without a prescription. He has also been directed to have no contact with Prudhom, the Factory Bar, and a female bartender. (2 pages)