Thug Tries To Flush His Record

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Thug Tries To Flush His Record

Meet Eric Brown.

The 38-year-old Florida man was getting booked into the St. Lucie County jail Tuesday (1/7) on an armed robbery charge when he somehow managed to snatch the folder containing his arrest records and began flushing the documents down the holding cell's toilet.

According to a prison memo, a "large amount of toilet flushing noise" was coming from Brown's holding cell, where officers spotted pieces of paper floating in the bowl. Confronted about the toilet escapade, Brown "hung his head and said that he was sorry."

In lieu of fishing paper from the can's can, investigators prepared a new arrest affidavit describing Brown's alleged December 16 gunpoint robbery of a Fort Pierce day care center. He has also been placed on lockdown in the jail and faces disciplinary proceedings for destroying government property and disrupting the facility's orderly operation. (4 pages)