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Three Huckabees For An Obama?

New Topps baseball set includes dozen presidential candidate cards

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Three Huckabees For An Obama?

JANUARY 31--When the first packs of the 2008 Topps baseball card set arrive in stores next week, kids everywhere will be confronted with the mysterious calculus of value:

How many Giulianis will get me an Obama?
Is a Huckabee worth two Pauls?
Who'll take these 12 Kuciniches off my hands?

Along with stars like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Howard, the new Topps set includes a dozen cards featuring presidential candidates (six Democrats and six Republicans). Sadly, fans of Chris Dodd, Duncan Hunter, Mike Gravel, and Tom Tancredo will not find their candidate among the set.

On average, one candidate card will be found in every ninth pack, which each cost about $3 and contain a dozen baseball cards. So a collector will have to spend hundreds of dollars to amass the entire candidate set, which will not be sold separately.

On these pages you'll find scans of the Topps candidate cards, which carry brief biographical sketches on their flip side. (12 pages)