"Survivor" Star's Deadbeat Past

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"Survivor" Star's Deadbeat Past

"Survivor" contestant Keith Famie, the chef who can't cook rice, may be close to winning $1 million, but it wasn't long ago that the guy was a deadbeat. According to Michigan federal court records, Famie filed for bankruptcy protection after running up debts of nearly $275,000--a big problem when you only have $6353 in assets. Since Famie had no assets with which to even partially repay his creditors, a judge eventually released him "from all dischargeable debts" and formally closed the case in June 1998. Famie's creditors included his landlord, lawyers, American Express, the IRS, and his ex-wife. Famie's largest creditor was J. Edward Lundy, a former Ford Motor Company CFO, who got stuck for $125,000. In a strange footnote to the case, Famie disclosed a claim he previously filed against "John Lauer, a Convicted Felon." While not further described, Famie's legal claim apparently stemmed from a soured business deal with Lauer. The 36-year-old Lauer is an accomplished swindler now serving nine years in federal prison fortwo separate felony convictions. Here are some highlights from Famie's bankruptcy file:

Pages 1-5: Who Keith stiffed.

Page 6: Debtor's income statement.

Page 7: Debtor's expense statement.

Page 8: The "convicted felon" claim.

Page 9: Case closed.

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