A Subpoena Is Waiting For Ted Williams

Prosecutors want "voice" testifying in girlfriend's case

Ted Williams

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Ted Williams Subpoena

JANUARY 26--Now that Ted Williams has reportedly made an early exit from a Texas drug treatment facility, Ohio police may find it easier to subpoena the golden-throated overnight sensation to testify in a drug case filed against his girlfriend.

In May, Williams, 53, and Kathleen Chambers, 49, were traveling in a car driven by a second man when the vehicle was pulled over by a cop who spotted Chambers throwing a lit cigarette from the passenger window.

During the traffic stop, a Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputy “noticed that inside the car was the smell of burnt crack cocaine,” according to a police report. Deputy Tim Winebrenner, who noted that Chambers was “making a lot of movements that suggested she was shoving something in between the seats,” recovered a crack pipe between the passenger seat and the car’s center console. “The silver tube was still warm to the touch,” the investigator added.

When Winebrenner also found a silver pill box containing several rocks of crack cocaine, Chambers was arrested. After being placed in a patrol car, Chambers “kept telling me that she had never seen those items before,” reported Winebrenner. While claiming ownership of the pill container, Chambers claimed “the stuff inside was not.” She contended that “someone had gone through her purse…and must have put that stuff in there.”

During the stop, Williams was frisked to make sure he was not carrying a weapon, and was told to stand at the front of Winebrenner’s cruiser. Williams and the driver, Tex Kennedy, were released following the arrest of Chambers, who is pictured in the above mug shot.

Earlier this month, prosecutors issued subpoenas for Williams and Kennedy to testify in Madison County’s Court of Common Pleas, where Chambers is facing a felony drug possession charge and a misdemeanor count for possession of drug paraphernalia. Since Chambers has denied ownership of the crack pipe and the cocaine, the men would likely be questioned by prosecutors as to whether the items belonged to them.

A subpoena for Williams was first issued two months ago, but it was not successfully served because he no longer lived at the Columbus address he gave cops at the time of Chambers’s arrest. The subpoena for Williams was reissued earlier this month, and, if successfully served, will summon him to appear at a February 11 pre-trial hearing.

Like Williams, Chambers has a lengthy rap sheet, which includes busts for prostitution, drug possession, theft, possession of stolen property, and forgery. Click here for an array of mug shots from those collars. She has reportedly been treated to drug treatment by Dr. Phil McGraw, the television host who also gifted Williams with a 90-day stay at the Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island. Williams left the facility after two weeks, the Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday. (5 pages)

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There's a whole crap-load of bleeding hearts from the previous thread who have decided to to keep a real low profile on poor sad, needs-a-second-chance, Williams now.
She sure has been rode hard. One look at her should cause a man to run the other way--unless you wanted dope.
Prostitution? Gross. Who'd pay to hit that shiat?
Get this peice of doodoo out of the news and into the waste basket. He is a pimp, drug addict, alcoholic and bum. some people deserve to be helped. He is not one of them. Do something good for someone is trying and not getting a break. Instead they waste their money on losers who don't want to work or get off drugs. It makes me sick.
ted williams wow,hope he rebound,i will pray for him,hopfully he won,t blow this second chance,i just was listening to this guy on utube and yahoo buzz the man with the magic million dollar voice terry k,i was blown away,this guy sounds better than ted williams,his voice is deeper with more bass and more sexy,terry k should do voice over or be nba announcer,terry k is a former radio announcer and dj,i love this guy voice,i got an eargasm,if u get a chance check him out on utube and yahoo buzz,the man with the magic million dollar voice,good luck
Screw this guy. He could have been the proverbial "rags to riches" story, and he's blowing it. I'm not talking about riding around with his crack whore. This happened before he was discovered. But after his debut on YouTube, companies came forward with offers that other people work hard for yet never realize. He lied upfront about being clean for two years, and hasn't shown a lot of inclination toward turning his life around. He probably thinks he'll do a couple of voice-overs, spend the money getting wasted, then come back for more. What he'll find out is that the offers will stop cold. No one likes to be embarrassed, or to offer a helping hand just to have it spit in. Even the money he used to panhandle will dry up when people recognize him. Sure, getting yourself straight is hardly a walk in the park, but an abbreviated stay in a rehab that he was shamed into in the first place won't convince people that he's trying. He has a once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity to turn his life around. A high-paying, high-profile gig that requires little effort. If he screws it up, I have no sympathy for him
I feel the same way and believe many others do to. Ted Williams--you lied to people and THINK we should trust in you AGAIN? I don,t think so--I don,t trust you . You are a guitter a looser big time --when you turned your back on your kids --who depended on you for the right guidance.
"Like Williams, Chambers has a lengthy rap sheet, which includes busts for prostitution, drug possession, theft, possession of stolen property, and forgery.' I didn't know Ted had prostitution on his rap sheet.
I'm guessing that as Ted's sordid farce plays out, the bleeding hearts that were on previous threads pleading for understanding and unlimited second chances, will be keeping a low profile.
I don't mind the bleeding hearts, it's the ones that have contempt for those who tend to wait for the cake to come out of the oven before deciding it's properly baked. I was hoping his story would pan out for the best, but I guess he never had it in him to begin with. Sad, that.
Right on.
Dish rag.
Damn, that bitch is ROUGH!