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Strawberry Cracks Up, Roy Gets Unhinged

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Strawberry Cracks Up, Roy Gets Unhinged

Patrick Roy Bust

Sports role model update:

1) At TSG headquarters, there are only two guarantees: We'll be knee-deep in documents describing Dennis Rodman brawling, brawling, grabbing, or groping. And we'll be swamped with paper detailing Darryl Strawberry's latest jailing. In fact, here's the October 25 violation report filed by Florida corrections officials against the ex-Yankee slugger. Seems that Straw, on probation for a cocaine/solicitation conviction, went on a weekend crack and Xanax binge"with a woman named Christine." Red actions in the report were done by the screws. (4 pages)

2) A week after setting the NHL record for career wins, Colorado Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy was popped on domestic violence and criminal mischief charges, as this police report shows. Saying she "was afraid of her husband," Michele Roy told police that she called 911, but hung up. Cops responding to the Roy home discovered that the enraged athlete had ripped two bedroom doors off their hinges during an argument"over in-laws." Released on $750 bail, Roy is scheduled for a November 7 court hearing. (2 pages)