Shady, Louie, and Sleazy

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Shady, Louie, and Sleazy

FBI Draft FALN Letter

Naughty Naughton?

Here's a TSG trifecta:

1) The mother of rapper Eminem (a/k/a Slim Shady) issuing her son for defamation, claiming he portrayed her as stoned white trash in media interviews. Debbie Mathers-Briggs recently filed this lawsuit in Michigan's Macomb County courthouse. (7 pages)

2) Here's the letter FBI director Louis Freeh drafted (but never sent) to Rep. Henry Hyde outlining the bureau's opposition to President Bill Clinton's FALN clemency offer. (2 pages)

3) By now, you've heard about the bust of Patrick Naughton, the former Infoseek executive (and Java pioneer) who got caught in an online FBI sting. Naughton (screen name: hotseattle) thought he was chatting with a hot-to-trot 13-year-old girl, but learned it was the feds when he arrived for an L.A. tryst. In this excerpt from the arrest affidavit, Naughton, 34, courts his prey, even pointing "her" to his picture on the Forbes magazine web site. (3 pages)