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Scout's Dishonor

Florida campers charged with forcing 12-year-old boy to drink urine

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Scout's Dishonor

JUNE 16--A Florida boy attending Boy Scout camp was forced to drink urine after he was accused of using a racial slur, according to police.

The boy, 12, was accosted Friday by a quartet of attackers who pushed him to the ground and placed duct tape over his mouth.

According to a Putnam County Sheriff's Office report, the child told cops that he was "blamed for calling a black boy a nigger," which the accused child denied. The attack, which occurred at Camp Shands in Hawthorne, resulted in the arrest of three minors and Joseph Reid, a 21-year-old volunteer.

The victim told investigators that he was lured into the woods, where he was set upon by the quartet. The child's attackers said that "they were going to teach him a lesson and he was either going to drink a bottle of urine, or they were going to beat him up," according to the report (which was prepared by an officer unable to spell "lie" or "hairdo").

One assailant took the tape off the Boy Scout's mouth and allegedly "poured urine down his throat."

Police recovered two bottles of urine and pieces of duct tape that were apparently used during the attack. Reid and the three minors were charged with kidnapping and aggravated child abuse, both felonies. (4 pages)