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Rubbed The Wrong Way

Woman had session with fake door-to-door masseuse


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Rubbed The Wrong Way

DECEMBER 3--Warning to women of Texas: If a man shows up at your door claiming to be a massage school student, he'll likely try to rub you the wrong way.

That's what Denton Police Department officials say happened Monday afternoon to a woman who allowed a purported masseur who "seemed legitimate" into her home. Their encounter ended shortly after the imposter--who had the woman provide her own lotion--asked whether the woman wanted an "ass massage," commented on her "nice tits," and gave her an unwanted, lingering hug.

Police described the suspect--who used the alias Josh Sargent--as being in his early 20s, with a tattoo on one of his upper arms. He was wearing flip-flops, a t-shirt, and cargo shorts, according to this police report. A similar door-to-door scheme resulted in the 2006 arrest of a Florida man who posed as a doctor offering free breast exams. (2 pages)