Quite A Pair

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Quite A Pair

It's another TSG 2-for-1 special:

1) When New York voters threw Senator Al D'Amato to the wolves last year, we were concerned the sleazy Republican would never find legitimate employment (and might land on the welfare rolls). But we were thrilled when John F. Kennedy, Jr. recently announced that he's hired D'Amato to write an advice column--a la Dear Abby--for George magazine. Based on this FBI report of an interview with turncoat gangster Al D'Arco, we have a question for Dear Ally: How did Petey Vario get that goofy nickname? And does Mr. Manzo mind being called The Wop? (1 page)

2) As criminal complaints go, we've never seen one quite like this Indiana beauty. Probably explains why Mr. Bodkin just pleaded guilty. (1 page)