Puff Daddy: Licensed To Ill?

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Puff Daddy: Licensed To Ill?

Was Sean "Puffy" Combs really a medical basket case when he canceled a European concert tour last year? That question is at the heart of a federal court fight between a New York promoter and two London firms that have refused to pay a $682,000 insurance claim. The rapper was scheduled to perform in Germany and Switzerland in January 1998, but he tour was shelved--days before the opening concert--when Puffy reportedly was stricken. In this January 10 letter submitted in support of the promoter's insurance claim, Dr. Robert A. Adair lists Combs's various maladies (including the un-rapperlike "anxiety reaction"). But despite headaches and blood pressure problems, Puffy was somehow able to gather enough strength and make it to two New York Knicks games, where he sat in the front row taunting visiting players. Lawyers for the underwriters point to Combs's Madison Square Garden excursions--which came at the same time Puffy would have been performing in Europe--as proof his "alleged illness" wasn't so serious. (1 page)

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