Woman Nabbed For Spitting On Grocery Items

Coronavirus kook collared at Publix supermarket

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Publix Menace

MAY 25--A Florida Woman was arrested Saturday for “spitting on groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to police who say the suspect also threatened to beat up customers at a Publix supermarket.

Investigators say that Sharon Turpin, 58, caused a disturbance inside and outside the store in a suburban Tampa mall. Pictured at right, Turpin had previously been trespassed from the Largo Mall in 2014.

Turpin, cops say, was spotted Saturday spitting on merchandise at Publix, where she also threatened to beat up customers in a store bathroom and argued with a manager.   

When police subsequently located Turpin outside Publix, she allegedly provided them with a false name and date of birth. She was subsequently identified and booked into jail on a pair of misdemeanor charges. Turpin is locked up in lieu of $400 bond.

Arrest affidavits do not indicate how much damage Turpin caused during her spitting spree at Publix (seen below).

Turpin’s rap sheet includes convictions for battery; theft; reckless driving; marijuana possession; trespass; and battery on a corrections officer. (2 pages)