Man, 22, Popped For Publix Pleasure Session

Cops: Perp did not want to get caught at home

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APRIL 3--A man arrested for masturbating while parked outside a Publix supermarket told Florida cops that he opted for the public pleasure session since he “did not wish to do it at home because he did not want to get caught,” according to a criminal complaint.

Investigators say that witnesses reported observing Cruz Humes, 22, inside an SUV that was parked outside a Publix in Coral Springs, about five miles from Cruz’s apartment in Margate, a city in Broward County.

Humes, the witnesses said, had his penis exposed and was masturbating while “watching something on his phone” around 7 PM Monday.

When Coral Springs Police Department detectives subsequently confronted Humes, he was found “with his pants and underwear off and his phone open with an adult pornography site visible.”

Pictured above, Cruz reportedly confessed to the public indecency, saying he was “stressed out” and “came to the parking lot of the Publix to masturbate.” Cruz, who works at the chain supermarket, added that he did not want to risk getting caught masturbating at home.

The complaint does not detail Humes’s living arrangements or who might possibly interrupt an onanistic endeavor. Humes, cops noted, said that he “masturbates in his car 2-3 times a week.”

Humes was charged with two counts of indecent exposure. He is free on bond in advance of a court hearing on the misdemeanor counts. (3 pages)