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Police Report On Webcam Suicide

'I actually loath my life,' victim texted mother before overdose

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Police Report On Webcam Suicide

NOVEMBER 24--Hours before broadcasting his suicide live via a webcam, a Florida man sent his mother a text message noting that, 'It's not even life is boring, I actually loath my life,' according to a police report.

Abraham Biggs sent his mother the message at 4:18 AM last Wednesday, hours before the 19-year-old college student killed himself with a drug overdose. Biggs's mother told police that she called her son immediately after receiving the text, but that he 'insisted that he was neither depressed nor suicidal and that he planned on going to work with his father.'

The Pembroke Pines Police Department report notes that a police dispatcher initially advised cops that Biggs 'appeared to be down in front of his web cam.' Police were reportedly contacted by web cam viewers concerned for Biggs's safety.

When a quartet of cops broke into Biggs's locked bedroom, they discovered him dead on the bed. A suicide note was atop his computer keyboard. 'It should be noted that both computer screens were on and a web cam was facing the bed and it appeared that he may have broadcast his death on the Internet,' police reported.

On one of the computer screens were instant messages to an unknown recipient reporting that Biggs had ingested eight Xanax pills, roofies, and Lexapro, an antidepressant. 'On the other screen was live chat with [unknown] persons discussing the situation that had just occurred in the deceased's bedroom,' according to the report.

Biggs's mother Doreen told officers that her son had a long history of depression and tried to commit suicide in September. She also recalled that her son, who suffered from asthma, once 'bought a large amount of cigarettes hoping that if he smoked them all it would suffocate him and he would die.' (3 pages)