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A Phone Freak & A Pop Quiz

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A Phone Freak & A Pop Quiz

Pop Culture Test

Here's a TSG daily double:

1) As degenerates go, Joseph Sherer is particularly loathsome. The Florida man gets off on masquerading as a doctor in lewd telephone calls placed to women nationwide. Cops in Montana recently busted Sherer for harassing dozens of women there, according to this affidavit filed in Bozeman's district court. While most of the women hung up on Sherer, some actually disfigured or injured themselves by following this freak's "medical" directions. (11 pages)

2) Want to work at the hipper-than-thou Interview magazine? Well, you better be able to pass this "Pop Culture Test" included in the New York-based mag's employment application. Since we're very familiar with model Bridget Hall's remarkable career, TSG was lucky enough to go 1-38 on the quiz. (1 page)