A Peek At The Jacko Search Warrants

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A Peek At The Jacko Search Warrants

JANET: Keeping abreast of Miss Jackson

FEBRUARY 2--A California judge today unsealed documents related to the search last year of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch, providing the first glimpse--though heavily edited--of what investigators carted away from the singer's estate. The documents include redacted inventories of items seized from Jackson's home and two other properties raided November 18.

According to the Neverland inventory, Santa Barbara Sheriff's deputies removed computers, legal documents, magazines, and a Canon digital camera found in Jackson's master bathroom. The court records, released by Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville, show that the material was taken from the "main house" on the sprawling Los Olivos estate.

Agents searched Jackson's master bedroom, where they took a "note" found in a nightstand, and had to have a locksmith open the locked master bath (keys to the bathroom were apparently found later in a safe). The search warrant documents also include lists of items seized from the Beverly Hills office of Bradley Miller, a private investigator working for Jackson, and the L.A. home of Hamid Moslehi, a videographer who has worked for the so-called King of Pop.

Melville, however, has refused to release the affidavit filed in support of the searches, a document that would provide details of the prosecution's case against Jackson as well as the account provided to investigators by the teenage boy who has accused the performer of molestation. (10 pages)

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