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Paris Hilton, Underclass Hero?

Ex-con heiress's racist remarks captured on New Year's party video

Paris Hilton

JUNE 27--Freed after 25 difficult days in a Los Angeles jail, Paris Hilton claims that she now she wants to build a "transitional home" that would help female inmates upon their release from custody. This is a noble goal on Hilton's part, and something that could benefit those caught in a destructive recidivist cycle.

Of course, since most of those jailed in L.A. are either African-American or Hispanic, Hilton may want to clear up some past remarks that may call her commitment to L.A.'s underclass into question (perhaps Larry King will explore these contradictions tonight when Hilton sits down for her first post-jail TV interview). We're talking about videotape of the hotel heiress that was shot several years ago at a New Year's Eve party in Aspen, Colorado.

As seen in the below clips, Hilton (who was partying with her sister Nicky) giddily made several racially charged comments.

In the first clip, referring to her and Nicky's dance style, Hilton says, "We're like two niggers." In the second clip, she mimics another unknown woman, saying, "I'm a little black whore. I get fucked in the butt for coke." Finally, in the third clip, Hilton denigrates a fellow partygoer as a "fuckin' hoodlum, broke poor bitch from, like, Compton. She's, like, public school bitch." Somewhere, Don Imus weeps. (1 page)