For O.J., A Purpose Driven Life

Las Vegas jailers detail life behind bars for alleged armed robber

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For O.J., A Purpose Driven Life

SEPTEMBER 18--Compared to his luxe digs at the Palms Hotel, O.J. Simpson's current lodgings at the Clark County Detention Center are quite a comedown.

Las Vegas jailers released the photos on the following pages to show how the former football star (and accused armed robber) is being housed in the local lockup. O.J., who is being held in the jail's Protective Custody unit, solely occupies a 7' x 14' cell outfitted with a bunk, toilet, sink, and small desk. He can exercise, as it were, in a recreation room next to his unit.

Upon arriving at the jail, Simpson was issued a blue uniform and orange slippers. Additionally, the jail's Religious Services Ministers provided the 60-year-old two pairs of reading glasses, a Bible, and a copy of "The Purpose Driven Life," the best-seller that author Rick Warren describes as "a manifesto for Christian living in the 21st century."

A press release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department offers additional details about Simpson's incarceration, including his typical meals. Think enchilada casserole. (6 pages)