Naomi Campbell Phone Rage Bust

Supermodel nabbed for clobbering another assistant with mobile

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Naomi Campbell Phone Rage Bust

MARCH 31--Here's the felony criminal complaint charging Naomi Campbell with again clobbering an employee with a telephone. The model, 35, allegedly whacked housekeeper Ana Scolavino yesterday morning during one of her patented rages. The confrontation at Campbell's $4 million Park Avenue condominium left Scolavino, 42, with a laceration in the back of her head that was later closed with surgical staples. Campbell, who faces a maximum of seven years in jail if convicted of the attack, has twice previously been accused of striking aides with telephones (a former assistant filed this lawsuit over one of the beanings). Last June, actor Russell Crowe was also busted in Manhattan for a phone assault and subsequently pleaded to a reduced count and settled out of court with the victim, a hotel clerk. (1 page)

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another ex welfare recipient with three strikes rap to go along with her 30 IQ.She needs a deserving stint in the hooscow for a couple years to cool her diva ash. She also needs to realize her "entitlement" mentality is a figment of a cutureal imagination.