Naked Girls Nabbed In Storefront Display

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Naked Girls Nabbed In Storefront Display

Meet Amy Williams, 23, and Meagan Kleinheinz, 22. The gals were popped Saturday (1/25) at 2:40 AM by Madison, Wisconsin police and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. The duo was arrested for an exhibition in the window of Nogginz, a salon where Williams worked. But we're gonna let the local cops explain exactly what happened, according to a media release: "As officers were on foot patrol in the 500 block of State St., they observed a large crowd in front of Nogginz. As officers walked closer they saw two females who were directly in front of the clear storefront window, with the lights on, engaging in sexual acts for display. Apparently Williams was not wearing any clothing, except for her pants which were around her ankles. As the officers confronted the two individuals the crowd outside began to "boo" the officers. Williams and Kleinheinz tried to explain to the officers they were doing nothing wrong. Their inappropriate store front window behavior cost them a night in jail." (1 page)

If found guilty, the gals might join our collection of foxy convicts.

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