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Mug Shots Keep On Flowing

Another explosion of booking photos? You bet your BP!

mug shot roundup

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Mug Shots Keep On Flowing

MAY 21--As the Gulf Coast oil spill (and the related coverup) moves into its second month, this week's mug shot roundup begins with a group of busted BP employees. Perhaps the next employees of the conglomerate to be collared will be from the executive suite, not the gas pump.

A couple of other notes about this week's suspects: 1) The self-described 'sexy' Floridian on page #4 was nabbed Sunday for domestic battery; and 2) We're wagering that the 27-year-old North Carolina man on page #9 is rarely seen without his shades. Unless he's being booked for drunk driving, which was the case last Sunday. (15 pages)