More Puffy And Some Potent Poetry

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More Puffy And Some Potent Poetry

We can't kick this twice-a-day habit:

1) No, TSG will not apologize for its interest in all things Sean "Puffy" Combs. Here are the New York Police Department property vouchers for items seized from Puff's person (81 crisp C-notes!) after his recent weapons bust (cops found a loaded 9mm stashed in a Lincoln Navigator registered to Combs's Bad Boy Records). We've also included a recent court filing reflecting gallant Puff's post-arrest concern for mains queeze/temporary jailbird Jennifer Lopez. (4 pages)

2) Sure, it's not Keats or Frost or Yeats, but this poem is still, um, unique. TSG found these translated excerpts in the New York federal court file of a man charged with being part of Osama Bin Laden's criminal network. Seems as if the feds plan to use these selected verses to expose some poetic mean streak in the Bin Laden gang. What's next? Terrorist haiku? (1page)

ID the GI, win prizes.

Happy Valentine's Day: Ain't love grand?