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Walmart Underwear Event

Coupla things:

1) Police have recommended that assault charges be filed against Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed, following a bizarre February 8 altercation in a Florida tattoo shop. According to this Seminole County Sheriff's report, Stapp flew off the handle when he thought a parlor employee was talking about him. The local prosecutor is now mulling the sheriff's request to arrest the 27-year-old rock star. (1 page)

2) On the subject of MTV's "Jackass," we love the show--so the copycat arrest records are just gravy. As this Wisconsin police report details, three 22-year-old guys were recently popped for a stunt that saw two of them race through Walmart and Pick N Save in their boxers while the third guy filmed the action. While nobody got hurt, some groceries were crushed when the underpantsed avengers dove into Pick N Save's freezer. (5 pages)