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Martha Stewart Indicted

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Martha Stewart Indicted

Stewart Indictment Part 2

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JUNE 4--Martha Stewart was named today in a nine-count indictment charging her with obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators in connection with a government probe of her alleged insider trading of ImClone stock. The indictment, which you'll find below, alleges that Stewart, 61, lied to federal investigators when questioned about the circumstances of her December 2001 stock sale, which came just before ImClone's share price collapsed (a move that saved the multimillionaire a whopping $45,000). Peter Bacanovic, Stewart's former Merrill Lynch broker, was also named in the 41-page indictment. Since we usually do not post such lengthy documents, we've broken the indictment into three parts, accessible via the links below. (41 pages)

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CHANGE OF PLANS: Indictment not on Martha's calendar.