DOCUMENT: Roundups, Crime

Locked Up

Mug shots of some of the folks your parents warned you about

APRIL 17--This week's mug shot roundup begins with three arrestees whose t-shirt selection seems appropriate for their individual predicaments.

As for the other perps, a few notes: 1) The police close-up on page #6 memorializes the body art of a 22-year-old unemployed gent nabbed Sunday for drunk driving; 2) The hirsute 38-year-old Arizona man on page #8 was arrested last week on a probation violation. No, his name is not George Steele; 3) The t-shirt worn by the 19-year-old Texas perp on page #10 reads, 'Watch Midget Porn - It makes you look huge;' and 4) On page #12 you'll find another 38-year-old Arizonan. He was arrested for weapons possession. (16 pages)