The Legitimate Theater?

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The Legitimate Theater?

Here are two TSG favorites from the so-called legitimate theater:

1) When Evelyn Amato went to see "Cats," she expected to be entertained by the pomp and pageantry of the longest-running show in Broadway history. Instead, Amato claims she endured the kind of bump-and-grind routine you'd expect at a Staten Island bachelorette party. Amato, who is suing for $12 million in New York's State Supreme Court, sent this complaint letter to producer Cameron Mackintosh. (2 pages)

2) Geraldine Batell had an equally uncomfortable experience during a recent performance of Noel Coward's "Private Lives" at a St. Petersburg theater.In a complaint filed with Florida's consumer watchdog, Batell beefed that several actors smoked onstage, causing her respiratory distress. "Since the entire play was make-believe," Batell wrote in her complaint, "I'm sure everyone would have understood...if they just pretended to smoke." Along with her complaint, Batell gave officials her program, on which she ID'd the offending actors. We've also included the theater company's response. (2 pages)

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