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Lawsuit Claims 'N Sync Star Went 'N Sane

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Lawsuit Claims 'N Sync Star Went 'N Sane

Penny Hardaway Complaint

Penny Hardaway Report

A couple of court dispatches:

1) Following a November 19 'N Sync concert 'n St.Louis, 15-year-old Danielle McGuire went to eyeball the guys in the lobby of a local hotel. But when Justin Timberlake brushed by waiting fans, McGuire yelled, "I like J.C. better, anyway. He's cuter." That impolitic reference to hunky bandmate J.C. Chasez, McGuire claims, led a security guard to whisk her to an upper floor in the hotel where Timberlake allegedly pinned the teen against the wall and berated her for the snarky remark. Danielle is now suing over the incident, as these lawsuit excerpts show. Frankly, we can't believe Justin would go off like that. We've seen him on TRL a million times and, like, he's so cool. Woooooo! (6 pages)

2) Basketball star Penny Hardaway has a court date January 3 to answer this misdemeanor complaint charging him with threatening and intimidating the mother of his 8-year-old daughter. Latarsha McCray told cops the Phoenix Suns guard brandished a weapon during the November incident in Paradise Valley. (1 page)