Know When To Hold Them...

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Know When To Hold Them...

Kenny Rogers Frisbee Suit

Here's a twofer special:

1) Here is the January 12 letter Attorney General Janet Reno wrote reaffirming her belief that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father in Cuba. In the letter, which was sent to lawyers representing the Cuban child's U.S. relatives, Reno dismissed a Miami judge's ruling that Elian must stay in the country until a March 6 court hearing. (4 pages)

2) Now for something completely different: When it comes to frisbees, it seems Kenny "The Gambler" Rogers doesn't know when to hold 'em. In this New York State Supreme Court lawsuit, Kevin O'Toole claims he was bonked by a disc tossed by Rogers during a recent Dallas concert. Along with his own injuries (for which he seeks $2 million), the errant Frisbee has also supposedly deprived Kevin's wife of her man's "services, love, guidance, and companionship." She wants 100k. (7 pages)