Iowa Man Busted For Driving Car Into Protesters

Cops: Defendant said victims needed "an attitude adjustment"

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"Attitude Adjustment"

AUGUST 26--An Iowa man arrested for allegedly driving his car into a crowd of protesters--several of whom were struck by the vehicle--told cops that the victims needed “an attitude adjustment,” according to a criminal complaint.

Investigators say that Michael Stepanek, 45, was driving his Toyota Camry Friday evening in Iowa City when he got stuck behind other cars “due to a protest in the intersection ahead of him.”

The protest was organized by Iowa Freedom Riders, a group formed earlier this year in response to instances of alleged police brutality.

According to the complaint, Stepanek honked his car horn before making a U-turn with his tires screeching. He then “shut off his lights, and drove around the block,” turning on a street “where there were no vehicles between him and the protesters.”

Stepanek then “intentionally struck multiple protesters with his vehicle and sped away,” cops charge. As seen above, a video shows the Toyota barreling through the protesters, one of whom lands on the car’s hood.

Stepanek, Iowa City police reported, “said the protesters needed ‘an attitude adjustment.’”

Seen above, Stepanek was busted yesterday on a pair of felony charges and booked into the Johnson County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $15,000 bond. (2 pages)