Naked Model Arrested After Police Tussle

Cops: Woman, 25, kicked multiple officers

Brissa Dominguez

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Naked Model Bust

JULY 10--A curvy Instagram model unburdened by clothing was arrested after she struck and kicked several Florida cops who were summoned to a waterfront hotel where the woman was trespassing, police report.

According to investigators, Brissa Dominguez, 25, was “causing a disturbance” at the Edge Hotel in Clearwater around 4:20 AM Wednesday. When Dominguez ignored a direction from the hotel’s manager to leave the property, police were called.

When Officer Richard Edmonds arrived at the hotel, he “found the defendant to be nude.” After Edmonds handed Dominguez a towel “to cover herself,” she “used said towel to strike me in the face by swinging it in a whipping motion.”

As Edmonds and other cops sought to arrest Dominguez for trespassing, she kicked three patrolmen and “attempted to bite and spit on” one officer. Edmonds was on the receiving end of a “mule kick” that the 5’ 4”, 130-pound Dominguez reportedly executed as cops tried to “effect an arrest during difficult circumstances.”

Dominguez was charged with trespassing, resisting an officer with violence, and battery on a law enforcement officer (the latter two counts are felonies). She was freed from the county jail after posting $10,000 bond.

Dominguez, who was born in Mexico, lives in Davenport, California and uses the online handle “baybaddiebrie.” Dominguez’s Instagram page is filled with photos of her modeling swimwear and lingerie, along with vacation shots from Puerto Vallarta, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, and Bangkok.

Dominguez’s 74,000 followers appear to particularly enjoy her more revealing photos, which prompt comments like “Your butt looks sooo smooth and soft” and “I love ur boobs.”

At the time of Dominguez’s arrest, Clearwater cops also collared a 25-year-old Florida man who was walking around naked in the hotel’s lobby. It is unclear whether the arrest of the man--who was “uncooperative and intoxicated”--was related to Dominguez’s bust. (2 pages)