Police: Man Took Sex Toy For A Test Drive

Oklahoman, 23, used Autoblow device in novelty store

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Okie Indecency

NOVEMBER 6--An Oklahoma man is facing an indecency charge after allegedly taking a sex toy for a test drive inside an adult novelty store, according to court records.

Gilbert Cordero, 23, was recently arrested in connection with a bizarre incident last year at an Oklahoma City business. Cordero, free on $500 bail, has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of outraging public indecency.

Cordero, seen at right, is next scheduled for a December 3 hearing in District Court.

[In September, a Florida Woman was arrested after she allegedly removed her clothes and began using a “pink colored, penis shaped sex toy” inside the Lion’s Den Adult Superstore in Fort Pierce.]

According to a probable cause affidavit, Cordero “went into a sex toy shop and tried a piece of merchandise which was out on display.” Specifically, the business was Carlie’s and the item in question was “an Auto Blow device.”

Cops charge that after Cordero walked up to a merchandise shelf, he licked his fingers on one hand and then used those digits “to get his penis wet.” Cordero, whose actions were recorded by a store surveillance camera, then “also licks his fingers on his other hand and appears to get the entrance area of the Auto Blow wet.”

As a 28-year-old female employee watched on a security monitor, Cordero placed his penis into the sex toy and began “thrusting his hips into the” Autoblow. He eventually returned the device to a shelf and walked away after the worker “hit an alarm they have inside the store.”

The employee told police that she recognized Cordero “as he has previously put in job applications at this establishment.”

A criminal information filed against Cordero accuses him of committing an act “injurious to public morals” by “making movements consistent with masturbation while utilizing a ‘sex toy’ device on display for sale in a store open to the public.”

The Autoblow’s creators describe the electric self-gratification product as an affordable “tried and trusted basic blowjob machine.” The Autoblow models are available on the manufacturer’s web site, where “Fap Lube” and other accessories can be purchased. The device is reportedly “easy to clean” and relies on silicone “interchangeable sleeves.” (2 pages)