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Hot For Mug Shots

This week's roundup: Hotheads, hot babes, and hot-for-Obama

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Hot For Mug Shots

APRIL 25--As seen below, this end-of-the-week mug shot roundup kicks off with a booking photo of Bashir Ahmed, a Chicago man whose t-shirt advertises his preference for the hometown presidential candidate. Ahmed, 41, was nabbed yesterday for soliciting a prostitute and had his vehicle impounded.

And while the balance of these new booking photos are self-explanatory, here are a couple of notes: 1) The nether-region tattoo ('Pay Up') on page #8 is on a 28-year-old arrestee named Janis who got busted for drug possession; and 2) The gentlemen on page #13, both baseball cap devotees and sun worshipers, might want to consider wider-brimmed headgear and/or additional SPF protection. (18 pages)