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Hollywood's Domestic Disturbances

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Hollywood's Domestic Disturbances

Tommy blasts...

Pam claims...

From TSG's Tinseltown desk:

1) As you may have heard, the Drew Barrymore/Tom Green marriage is kaput (get ready gals, there's premium Canadian meat returning to market). And while many observers have scoffed that the couple's union lasted a scant 158 days before Green filed his December 17 divorce petition, that's a more than threefold increase (exactly 3.0384615385) over Drew's first marriage, which saw 52 days pass before she filed this petition to ditch L.A. bartender Jeremy Thomas. So, using this figure (a/k/a the "Joan Collins Multiplier"), we can extrapolate that Drew's next four marriages will last 1 year, 115 days; 3 years, 364 days; 12 years, 52 days; and 36 years, 327 days. (2 pages)

2) Frankly, we don't know who to believe in the ongoing child custody battle between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Over the past several weeks, the stars have filed dueling declarations in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that the other is an unfit parent. Anderson fired the first shot last month, with Lee responding on December 11. Pam then shot back on December 17. We suggest you make your way through all three of these documents--they offer an incredible array of wild charges and counter charges (and make TSG wonder whether we announced our Document of the Year awards a few days early). Here you'll find Anderson's opening 12-page salvo, as well as links to the two other documents.

Document 2: Tommy blasts Anderson, Kid Rock (6 pages)

Document 3: Pam claims Lee's a danger to kids (5 pages)