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Hapless Burglar Bottoms Out

Security camera cracks case as thief captured with pants down

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Hapless Burglar Bottoms Out

MARCH 10--Meet Christopher Willever.

In a commendable act of criminal perseverance, the 21-year-old Nebraska man continued to burglarize an Omaha tobacco store Monday night even after his pants slipped down and exposed his unclothed rear.

After security cameras at the Tobacco Hut recorded the intruder in action during the March 6 thievery, local cops branded the man the 'Bare Bottom Bandit.'

Surveillance video, shoen below, shows a man crawling through the business and cleaning out several cash registers. We can only assume that he hit the floor in an attempt to avoid being seen by anyone walking past the store. As for how his jeans began dusting the floor, it seems the burglar got depantsed in the process of squeezing through bars to get into the store via a broken window.

Willever, pictured in the mug shot at left, was arrested Wednesday on a felony burglary rap. For different angles of the alleged thief, take a look at some surveillance camera stills you'll find here and on the following pages. And you can also click here to read the Omaha Police Department report on the Tobacco Hut burglary. (6 pages)