Got Breast Milk?

Iowa mom runs classified ad to sell spare output, two bucks an ounce

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Got Breast Milk?

NOVEMBER 2--An Iowa mother with extra breast milk on her hands this week placed a newspaper ad offering to sell the milk for $200 (or the best offer she receives).

Martha Heller's unorthodox offer, which first appeared in Tuesday's edition of The Gazette, came after Heller, 22, was stuck with 100 ounces of frozen milk when her four-month-old daughter refused to nurse from a bottle. Heller's ad, a copy of which you'll find here, ran in the 'Children's items' category of the Gazette's classified section and follows an ad offering a Barbie jeep for $150.

A spokesman for Iowa's Department of Public Health told The Gazette that he was unaware of any laws barring the sale of breast milk, but that state officials frowned upon such offers. (1 page)