The Gangland Murder Of Tupac Shakur

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The Gangland Murder Of Tupac Shakur

We're not surprised that today's (9/6) Los Angeles Times concludes that Tupac Shakur was murdered by an L.A. gang member named Orlando Anderson, because that was what investigators believed immediately following the rapper's killing, according to this search warrant affidavit filed by Compton police in September 1996, just weeks after Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas.

Detective Tim Brennan's affidavit states that the Shakur murder triggered several shootings involving members of rival L.A. street gangs.

Death Row Records, for whom Shakur recorded, was aligned with the Bloods gang, while Crips members provided security for Bad Boy Records, the label on which Notorious B.I.G. (real name: Christopher Wallace) appeared. Brennan noted that there "is an ongoing feud between Tupac Shakur and the 'blood' related Death Row Records with rapper 'Biggie Smalls' and the East Coast's 'Bad Boy Records'."

The Times report contends that Anderson shot Shakur with a .40 Glock pistol supplied to him by Wallace, who had promised the Crips a $1 million bounty for Shakur's murder. In the Brennan affidavit, a Compton police source is quoted as saying--a week after the rapper's killing--that Anderson had murdered Shakur and that an Anderson associate "is telling people 'Southside Crips' just got money from the East Coast and are looking to buy guns." (20 pages)