Police: Rehab Clinic Owner Sold Fentanyl

Cops: Woman, 50, preyed on her own clients

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Fentanyl Clinic

OCTOBER 26--The owner of a drug rehab clinic sold fentanyl to a police informant inside the facility, according to Florida investigators who say that the accused woman was “targeting a vulnerable population” and “preying on those looking for hope while battling a vicious disease.”

Police yesterday arrested Misty Gilley, 50, on felony narcotics charges for allegedly selling fentanyl, a powerful opioid, out of Simply Recovery, the substance abuse treatment facility she operates in Altamonte Springs, a city outside Orlando.

Gilley, seen at right, was freed from custody today after posting $49,500 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on December 7. State incorporation records list Gilley as the manager and registered agent of Simply Recovery LLC.

According to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the probe of Gilley began earlier this month when an investigator received information that she was “selling fentanyl and cocaine out of her place of business and her home.”

At the direction of police, a “confidential informant from Gilley’s place of business” purchased $40 of fentanyl from her inside Simply Recovery. A subsequent $160 fentanyl sale by Gilley to a police informant took place inside her Altamonte Springs residence.

During a raid Monday at the clinic, police found a backpack containing multiple used needles, a gram of cocaine, and 18 small baggies containing fentanyl. The backpack also contained two “prescription bottles with the name ‘Misty Gilley.’”

In the clinic’s group therapy room, investigators found multiple baggies “with suspected fentanyl residue” in a garbage can (which also contained “multiple bloody tissues, bloody filters, and used needles”). The room, according to the arrest report, was apparently “being used for drug use activities.”

A search of Gilley’s home turned up 11 baggies with “suspected fentanyl residue," police noted.

An undercover cop who interacted with Gilley while the investigation was ongoing alleged that while operating a rehab clinic, she was also “preying on those looking for hope while battling a vicious disease.” (2 pages)