"Fear Factor" Champ In Drunken Row

Cops: Plastered million-dollar winner grabbed officer's crotch

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"Fear Factor" Champ In Drunken Row

NOVEMBER 17--Since we can't really stomach watching people regurgitate maggot shakes, "Fear Factor" isn't TSG's cup of tea.

But when the NBC program's most recent $1 million winner allegedly gets boozed up and gropes a Texas cop's nards, well, we're all there.

Gaze below and you'll find a mug shot of doe-eyed Monica Jackson, who was nabbed early yesterday for public intoxication by the Euless Police Department. According to incident reports, the 24-year-old receptionist was totally plastered when officers arrived at Gator's bar, where Jackson was "staggering and bumping into the wall."

At one point, she allegedly walked up to a cop, wrapped her arm around his neck and, with her free hand, grabbed the officer's crotch. "Take me home," she exclaimed.

In February, Jackson and her boyfriend Chris (whom she subsequently wed) won the $1 million "Fear Factor" couples competition, during which they had unpalatable encounters with duck tongue, pig stomach, fish sauce, and a glass coffin filled with 500 tarantulas and crickets. (4 pages)