Easter Bunny Busted

Cops: Rowdy rabbit, wife struck woman in Florida mall melee

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Easter Bunny Busted

APRIL 17--A Florida mall dispute ended Saturday night with the arrest of the Easter Bunny on battery charges.

The rambunctious rabbit (aka Arthur McClure, 22) was nabbed after he allegedly struck a mall visitor who beefed about the early closure of a photo line on which kids and parents waited for a snapshot with the cuddly character.

According to Fort Myers Police Department reports, patron Erin Johansson complained to the Easter Bunny's assistant (Crystal Frechette, 25) and the two women began to argue. That's when Frechette (who's married to McClure) allegedly punched Johansson in the face. At that point, the report notes, the 280-pound McClure removed his costume's head and joined the fray, clocking Johansson in the back of her head.

McClure and Frechette, pictured here in Lee County Sheriff's Office mug shots, were each charged with two misdemeanors for their alleged roles in the brawl.

McClure's occupation is listed as "Easter Bunny" on the arrest report, which also notes that he has a bear head tattooed on his right arm. (5 pages)